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Don't Miss the August Message from the Winnebago Scout Shop!

Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen,


There is a lot happening at the Scout Shop as we prepare for the start of a wonderful year of Scouting!


Let’s start off with the promotions:


August 5-18, when you purchase 1 water bottle or canteen, get a 2nd one for 25% off.  It may sound crazy to have this offer with camps being done, but what about school?  Many schools now allow kids to have water bottles in order to stay hydrated without having to leave class. It never fails that as soon as the kids go back to school, the heat and humidity ramp up making hydration so very important.


August 19th starts our annual uniform sale.  As in past years, when you purchase a uniform bottom, be it switchbacks, capris, shorts or skorts, you will receive 25% off the uniform shirt. NEW for this year, the promotion is for ALL uniforms.  Yes, you read that correctly. All Cub Scout AND Scouts BSA uniforms are 25% off the uniform shirt when you purchase a uniform bottom.


Now that the promotions are out of the way, the Scout Shop is starting to receive new merchandise.  If you did not see it on the Winnebago Scout Shop Facebook page, let us tell you what we have so far.  We have received in, the new Cub Scout rank shirts for Lion, Tiger, Wolf and Bear.  We have also received drawstring bags for Lion, Wolf and Bear.  Four new Cub Scout ball caps have come in, along with 2 new leggings prints for Cub Scouts.  Webelos scouts now have plaid leggings they can wear with their shorts or skorts.  For all Scouts, there is the new handbook cover with Kayaks on it.  Finally, for the females out there, we have new leather French hook style earrings featuring a fleur-de-lis.


Over the next few weeks, we are expecting Scouts BSA caps, more Class B/Tee shirts, colder weather gear such as fleece jackets and beanies.  There is also new water bottles and personal accessories, like coin bags, buffs, keychains and necklaces slated to come in as well.  If you haven’t already, like our Facebook page, Winnebago Scout Shop.  We will be posting the new merchandise there as soon as we get it.


One final new item, the belt loops and pins for the Cub Scout preview adventures Yo-Yo and Protect Yourself, are in and ready for purchase.  We also have available the requirements, which can also be found at the following link. Link


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