Don't miss the Scout Shop's February Message!

February is a big month for Scouting! 


We have decorations for every occasion-


Cub Scouting celebrates its anniversary, so Blue & Gold banquets are happening.  Stop by the Scout shop for decorations, table service and/or patches.  Also, a number of packs do their Pinewood Derby along with the Blue & Gold banquet.  We have decorations, trophies, ribbons, medals and patches available, some of which are discounted.


Welcome Scouts, BSA-


On the older program side, Scouts, BSA launches February 1st.  We have, in stock, Handbook for Girls, Troop Leader Guide v1 & 2, Program Features Guide v1, 2, & 3, Troop Committee Guide, Patrol Leader, Sr. Patrol Leader books.  Uniform pieces will start arriving soon.


World Friendship Fund-


For all of Scouting, February 1-15th is World Friendship Fund.  Donate $1.00 or more to help Scouts around the world and here at home enjoy Scouting.  Funds have gone to repairing camps hit by hurricanes and purchasing busses to help Scouts get to camp.  Please help the Scout Shop reach their goal of raising $200.00. 


Scout Sunday-


Scout Sunday can be any Sunday in February. See your place of Worship for more details. We have pins and patches to help you celebrate this special day.  There will not be neckerchiefs available this year for Scout Sunday.


We have what you need for new leaders, new Scouts and more!


With Recharting finally being completed for most people and new leaders coming in, we would like to share some information to help make your visits to the Scout Shop easier. When coming to the Scout Shop to purchase award and rank materials, please keep this information in mind.


  • All Rank advancement, (Cubs: Lion-Arrow of Light, Scouts BSA: Scout-Life) need an advancement form filled out if using handwritten advancement or a printout listing Scout name and rank if using online program such as ScoutBook. One signature is needed for Cub Scout advancement, while 3 signatures is needed for all Scouts BSA rank.
  • Merit Badges need to be listed on an advancement form with one signature or a print out from listing scout name and badge earned from online advancement program.
  • Eagle rank, award kit and/or knot need to be accompanied with either the eagle certificate from National or the card, a readable photo of either is acceptable as well.
  • Eagle palms have a form that needs to be filled out and signed by Council before we can sell the palm.  The form can be found online or we have them at the Shop we can copy and give you.
  • Cub Scout belt loops and pins do not have a form that needs to be filled out.
  • Fun patches like cake decorating, hiking, campfire and Pinewood Derby do not have a form.  You as the leader get to decide what qualifies a Scout for earning the patch.
  • All chips and chits, such as Whittlin’ chip, Totin’ chip and fireman chit, we can sell the card to leaders only.  If the associated patch is wanted, the leader can purchase at the same time or the parent can purchase by presenting the signed card.
  • Any other awards such as National Outdoor Activity, 50 miler, and Summertime Pack award, usually have a form associated with them that needs to be filled out before purchase.  These forms can be found online, or we will have a copy available at the Scout Shop we can copy and give to you.


                Information/order forms are in the process of being made for the 2019 year.  We will have these added to our web page on the Winnebago Council website as soon as they are ready, until then the posted forms can be used just know that prices and item numbers may have changed.


                Final note, if planning on charging to your units account with the Council, please make sure you are listed on the account and an authorized user and that there is sufficient funds in your account.  If you are unsure on either of these, please contact the Council Service Center to find out.


We, Diane and I (Vicki), have a favor we would like to ask. 

Could Pack leaders please send an email (, call (319-233-5155), mail via US Postal Service or stop in (2929 Airport Blvd. Waterloo, IA 50703) with what month you hand out your packs pinewood derby cars and what month you hold your pinewood derby? 

Also could Troop leaders please email, call, mail or stop in and tell us your troop number as it appears on your uniform and what neckerchief or bolo your use.  If you do not use a neckerchief or bolo, please let us know this as well.

 Finally, all leaders please let us know what, if anything, you purchase and give to your new scouts.  For example: some units give their new scout their neckerchief and slide, while others also give the handbook.

We are asking for this information so that we are better able to serve you and your units better. 


One last thing! Don’t forget about the activity we have each month for the kids and even the adults.  The activity changes each month.  For 2019, all the monthly activities we have something to do with the or a holiday in that month.  We will post on our Facebook page, Winnebago Scout Shop, clues or information about the activity.  The kids also get to walk away with a gift from us as a thank you playing.