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Meet Our Team

Meet Team Benny and the Jets

Pictured L to R: Alex, Trevor (mascot), Cole, Kyle, Justin, Jordan, Paul, Josh


Pictured L to R: Paul, Matt, Zane, Josh, Alex, Cole



Zane is an 8th Grade student from Troop 2.  He is the troop's Senior Patrol Leader.  Zane’s experience with robotics involves 4 years of FLL and one year of FTC.  His other interests include orchestra.



Cole is a 10th Grader and Webmaster for Troop 2. Cole is also a Den Chief for Pack 17.  Cole’s previous experience with robotics includes a summer workshop at UNI on mini Sumo robots and one year of FTC.  Cole’s other interests include designing T-shirts and building electronics. 





















Matt is an 11th Grade student and is in Troop 90.  Matt brings three years of FLL experience and one year in FTC.  Matt’s other interests include cross country and basketball.



Jordan Leach is an 8th grader at Jesup Community Schools.  He has been in FLL for two years and this is his first year in FTC.  Jordan is the Senior Patrol Leader in Troop 95.  He also enjoys football.


















Josh Borwick is an 8th grader at Peet Junior High School.  He brings one year of experience in FLL to our team.  Josh is Senior Patrol Leader for Troop 158.



Alex Benoit is an 8th grader at Hoover Middle School in Waterloo.  This is his first experience with robotics.  Alex is a Patrol Leader for Troop 2 and a Den Chief for Pack 17.  He is also a percussionist and enjoys being part of concert band, jazz band, symphony, and church worship team.























Paul Richter is a 6th grader at Jesup Community Schools.  He is a Tenderfoot Scout with Troop 95.  He is also very interested in video games.


Team Collaborator


 We have been lucky to have a collaborator for our FTC team this year.  Justin Leach is a 6th grader at Jesup Community Schools.  He is a Tenderfoot Scout with Troop 95.  He is also interested in football and can't wait to be an official member of FTC next year.

 Let's Not Forget Our Star, "Jeff!"






Jeff is a great robot!  He has a chassis built out of Tetrix.  He runs on DC motors powered by a Tetrix battery and controlled by an NXT block.  We can communicate wirelessly with Jeff by using a connection with a module named Samantha.  This allows us to operate our robot. We are able to score points in two different ways.  The first way is to use our claw mechanism, which is powered by two servo motors.  The claw picks up blocks and can deposit them into a basket, which earns us points.  The second way our robot can earn points is by raising a flag which is placed in the corner of the playing field. 







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